Helpful guidelines on how to keep the house nice and clean


A clean property not only looks great and well attended too but it also makes one relaxed and happy knowing that everything is neat and in place. It’s not logic to spend all week cleaning. Read this article to get some useful guidelines from reputable House Cleaning London companies on how to keep the house dirt free. These guidelines are quick and simple and will take no more than 60 seconds to do.

1. Deal with what comes through the door

Placing a mat on both the inside and outside of the property will reduce the dirt. These door mats not only improve the overall look but help to reduce the filth carried into the property.

2. Keeping every decor in its place

To have a sparkling property, one should arrange it. Everything should be arranged in its right place. Arranging the house is something different that would be useful to ensure the house is always neat and clean.

3. Keeping the floor clean

Keeping the floor clean by removing loose dirt and particles is crucial. It is highly recommended that you eliminate dirt by using a vacuum cleaner or a mop. While mopping the floor, one should make sure that the water is changed when it gets filthy. Too much filthy water could make the floor silky and dull rather than clean. For a fine touch, clean the floor by hand and dry a small portion at a time.

4. Cleaning the toilet and bathroom using lemon oil

Using lemon oil touch on the bathroom tiles and toilet makes them shine and prevents mildew and molds from growing and making the surface look unattended or filthy. Furthermore, one could use alcohol to clean bathroom taps for ultimate cleanup. Finally, to eliminate hard waters in the shower, one can fill a plastic bag with vinegar and place it over the shower head to remove any hard water building-up.

5. Keeping the cleaning supplies in a satellite location

It might sound awkward but keeping cleaning tools in different areas makes the cleaning task harder. Keep cleaning solutions in convenient locations to make the wiping/cleaning faster. For instance, keeping a towel on the dining table could help to wipe food drops on the table faster than when it’s kept in the kitchen cabinet.

6. Cleaning the fridge

Cleaning the fridge is a different way of making the house look great and smell wonderful. A filthy fridge gives the house a bad odour once it is opened. Cleaning the fridge is simple, one only needs to remove the bad food and then start cleaning from the top shelve and work down. Moreover, using water and baking soda to clean the fridge is great and doesn’t leave the fridge smelling like other bad cleaners would do.

Follow these tips or you can employ House Cleaning London businesses to tackle the job for you. To make sure your property is perfectly cleaned, remember to call 020 3322 8291.

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