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Terms Conditions Cleaning CompanyPlease Take Time To Read Our Terms and Conditions

1. The contents of this website are for the sole purpose of general information and this can be changed at any time without notice to the public.
2. Our cleaning company website, its contents, information, graphics, animations and the like are all licensed for our house cleaning services. No one is allowed to use it for their own personal purpose.
3. Unauthorized use of this website may be deemed as a criminal offence.

1. Upon receipt of your payment either for a one time or monthly service, we will provide you with our cleaning services and these tasks will be provided by our skilled and experienced team of cleaning experts.
2. A contract will be signed by both parties for the specified service acquired.

1. You, in any case are not allowed to pay the specialists doing the task directly.
2. All payment should be made through the accounting service and through the proper channels.
3. Payments may either be by bank transfer, credit cards or standing order.
4. When the contract expires, you will be provided with a bill for the final charges especially if there were additional services that were not paid off.
5. We will not issue any refunds for any services that have been already paid.
Other Obligations:
1. You will be giving us the scheduled time for house cleaning.
2. You need to inform us if there are any changes either with the schedule or with the services that you would like to have.
3. You have to inform us if you would like to use your own equipment to carry out the job or if you want us to provide the materials which will be for an additional charge.
4. You must give access to electricity and water which is deemed needed to carry out the task.
5. You must check the area after the service has been done.
6. You have understood that cleaning price and the package that you have chosen.

Call us at 020 3322 8291 if you have any questions with regard to our cleaning company terms and conditions.